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Upcoming InCloud Event

Uncovering & Protecting Your Security Blind Spots with InCloud Solutions

How big is your security risk and how do you identify and contain those risks?

Join us to learn how Sophos Managed Threat & Response service goes one step further. Unlike other managed services who simply notify you of potential threats, leaving you to fix the problem, our experts take targeted actions on your behalf to neutralize even the most sophisticated and complex threats.

In this live session you’ll also learn from the largest CDN provider, Cloudflare, on how they can help you mitigate Web, DDOS and targeted application attacks as a service. 

Since we know how important Cyber Security subjects are, and with home working becoming the new normal,  we are going to send you a coupon one day before our webinar so you can order your favorite coffee/tea with cake for the session on 29th September 10am Singapore Time.

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​Join us to learn 

  • How to Secure your remote workforce, protect against aggressive cyber threats and strengthen your security operations with threat detection and response from Sophos and InCloud Managed Services

  • How to take Action Against Threats With a Dedicated Team of Response Experts from Sophos and InCloud

  • Learn about Cloudflare DDoS-mitigation-as-a-service 

  • Learn How to Strengthen security posture for modern-age SaaS providers

  • InCloud Hybrid Managed Services as-a-Service

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